Towbars To Trust


We offer a wide range of towbar configurations, and we can match these to your needs.

Towbars come in different styles: flange and swan neck are the most common types fitted in the UK. Both styles are available in either fixed or detachable configuration. We can also fit Alko and Ball & Pin towballs if required.

Detachable towbars are a more discrete option, which allow the towbar to remain out of sight in most cases.

Electrics also come in a different formats: single 7-Pin sockets are often fitted for trailers and bike racks, whereas twin 7-Pin sockets are more suited for caravan towing where battery charging and fridge power are required in addition to lighting. 13-pin sockets offer the same functionality as twin 7-Pin sockets, but all in one plug. Finally, Vehicle Specific Wiring Kits (VSWKs) are a complete solution designed to enable additional features available on your vehicle*.

Confused? No problem, get in touch and we can give you some friendly, free advice!